she-hulkIt is no secret that comic books are predominantly read by men (not boys, mind you, the average age of comic book readers is climbing with my every birthday, it seems). But that doesn’t mean comics and super heroes are just for guys. Modern comics and graphic novels can tell interesting, exciting, mature and entertaining stories as well as any kind of popular literature. Comic book fans know this, and I hope that, some day, the wider world will realise it too.

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Last week Marvel Entertainment announced they would be partnering with Hyperion Books to publish two novels based on super heroines. The She-Hulk Diaries follows the giant green lawyer as she juggles work, crime fighting, and the dating game. Rogue Touch sees one of my favourite X-Men characters – Rogue – thrown into the roguesupernatural romance genre as a girl incapable of physical contact tries to find love. To be honest, neither book really appeals to me, I own a copy of Twilight but have never read it, and Pride & Prejudice is about as steamy as I get. But I am not the target audience. Neither, I think, are women who already read comics. These books are a way for Marvel to widen their audience, to bring these interesting characters to fans of romance novels. I don’t see it any differently to DC‘s line of big fat novels about Superman and Batman – they are just new ways to read about old characters.

Are you a romance novel reader? A comic book fan? Would you read these books?

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21 Responses to ChickLit and Super Powers

  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Comics! Don’t like She-hulk cos of the massive boobs they gave her, that don’t always stay covered when she changes.
    I think guys write some great women in comics.
    Brian K Vaughan is by far the king (Y:The last Man) and in the interlude I’ve gotten into DMZ and Fables.
    Kirkman wrote kick-ass women into Walking Dead but now it’s just this soppy romance thing and all the tough women have become wussy and it’s a big vommity yawn (that’s a technical term)- I think the tv show success has tainted it. (TV show so moral and watered down – bleah)
    And for the youngsters, who doesn’t love Oddly Normal?
    As for reading those? Might give Rogue a try as I don’t know too much about here, but she-hulk is sort of tainted for me, so it would have to get some great reviews for me to jump on board.
    Don’t like romance…
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted…Exceedingly Handsome Guy – pondering on superficial beautyMy Profile

    • Nathan says:

      Glad to find a big comic book fan here! I really love Brian K Vaughan’s work – “Pride of Baghdad” is a wonderful story about the effects of war, as seen through the eyes of animals.
      I’ve never been that into She Hulk, or any character that seems at least superficially “a female version of…” I cut my teeth on X-Men comics, though, and Rogue Touch kind of has my interest…
      Nathan recently posted…Confession Time: JobsMy Profile

      • Lydia c. Lee says:

        Liked Pride of Bagdad too, interesting exercise for him too.
        In defence of comic book lovers who pick poor copies apart (walking dead tv show in particular) – it’s like criticising a champagne expert for not loving the flat beer you left out overnight…;)

  2. Rhianna says:

    I am not really into comics, and I couldn’t even begin to remember when I actually sat down to read anything. I do like the idea of rehashing the old I new fresh ways though
    Rhianna recently posted…Putting one foot in front of the otherMy Profile

  3. Seana Smith says:

    Never read comics… that is so bloody narrow minded of me and I hate to be that. Those darn kids need to pass some over.
    Seana Smith recently posted…Healthy Wholemeal Pancake Recipe – Simple, Quick and the Kids Love ThemMy Profile

  4. I don’t read comics, mostly because of the non-linear text format driving me mad, but I would read that Rogue novel for sure.
    So will all the comic book geeks, just so they can say how wrong the writer got everything.
    Michelle @ blundermum recently posted…Welcome to the mid-late thirties!My Profile

  5. Twitchy says:

    Not a reader of romance, and I can’t say I’ve read a comic recently, but I do like them. Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I saw a hilarious tweet about ‘letting my children decide their own religion at the right age. Then they can choose DC or Marvel.’ LOVED that :) Mr13 just announced he is a DC man. I had to take a moment. ;) #teamIBOT
    Twitchy recently posted…Lover, Come Back to Me: Typewriter Week, Entry #2My Profile

  6. Very clever marketing I think, although I do think my hub would rather stay with the comics. Our daughter has a Guess Who board game with all the Marvel characters as kids and it always makes me smile.
    Lisa@RandomActsOfZen recently posted…A to Z of ZEN. F is for……My Profile

  7. I always wondered how Rogue would go in a relationship, so I would definitely read that one. Not so much the she hulk one though
    EssentiallyJess recently posted…FaceBook, Bloggers and Edge RankMy Profile

  8. I’ve gotta say since my time to read is precious I now only read non-fiction, boring right?! But I want to learn all I can about the world in the short time I’m here
    Have a laugh on me recently posted…Oh how the mighty have fallen into a life of no romanceMy Profile

  9. These days my reading consists solely of junk food for the brain (smutty romance novels) I like the simplicity and the fact that I don’t have to think at all. I’m not really into comics, only watch comic movie/tv adaptation for hubby and only really get into it if the hero is sexy (Stephen Amell in Arrow comes to mind here – yum). I’d give them a go though, I’m open minded enough to try new things but they definitely wouldn’t be first choice if I was buying a book.
    Kyla @ Three Quarters Full recently posted…Gotta Have FaithMy Profile

  10. I am not a chick-lit fan at all really, but I do love a trashy novel every now and then. I haven’t read many comics or graphic novels, but there are a few that have always interested me. Not sure if these two would do it for me but if they were quick and easy to read I would always be open to giving them a go in between other reads.
    Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted…Walking my Kitchen Masterchef DeadMy Profile

  11. I’d maybe read them if they set Rogue or She-Hulk into the Regency period – otherwise I can’t see it being my thing. I’m getting even more picky about what I read as I age – at this rate I’ll have nothing to read when you eventually put me into that nursing home when I’m old and grey!
    Kirsty @ My Home Truths recently posted…So Far, So GoodMy Profile

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