funky-tvKirsty and I seem to have caught up on all the shows that we enjoy watching, trapped in the middle of another mid-season drought while we wait for the return of Castle, Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Arrow and Revolution. They aren’t all that we watch, but they are certainly our favourites. We were entertaining ourselves with watching Eureka, a great series that finished up in 2012 about a sheriff working in a town full of super-geniuses, but we have even burned through all five seasons of that!

What to do? Well, we have turned to some of our fall-back favourites, shows you can watch over and over and still enjoy. For us, this typically means geeky comedy. So on our to-watch list at the moment are The IT Crowd, The Guild, and Red Dwarf. We are deep in Season 3 of The IT Crowd at the moment, and thoroughly enjoying it. While we had watched the show when it aired on TV, we had not realised that we missed many of the early episodes – I absolutely love the character of Richmond (played by Noel Fielding), he is such a great contrast to the mania of all the other characters in the show.

The IT Crowd - Richmond

What are your “fall back” shows – the ones you love to watch and re-watch when nothing else is on the telly?

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2 Responses to Go-To TV

  1. Peter Blake says:

    There’s so much good TV I’ve missed over the years that it’s never crossed my mind to rewatch anything I’ve already seen. At the moment my wife and I are working our way through Jonathan Creek (thanks to the local library) and early seasons of Poirot (thanks to iView).

    • Nathan says:

      Very true. Sometimes we just need to disengage our brains and we usually watch these shows while working on laptops (okay, not really “working”, but you know what I mean!). Jonathan Creek was a great show – I had forgotten all about it!

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